Festivals & Fairs

Festivals & Fairs

Bawan Dwadshi

Nahan celebrates Bawan Dwadshi towards the end of the monsoon, when fifty-two cult images of local gods are carried in procession to Jagannath temple, where they are floated ceremoniously in a pool and are restored at midnight to their niches.

Bala Sundari fair

The Bala Sundari fair is held at Trilokpur near Nahan, this coincides with the sacred days of the Navratras.

Gugga Peer Fair

A fair is celebrated in Nahan to mark the honour of Gogaji (??????) also known as Gugga (is a folk deity of Rajasthan state in India). He is an eminent warrior-hero of the region. Hindus and Muslims alike honor him. He is also venerated as a saint and even as ‘snake-god’. He is known as Goga among the Hindus and Jahar Peer among the Muslims. The Kaimkhani Muslims claim descent from him and regard him as a peer (saint).